earth and clay

Maybe it seems on purpose, but it wasn’t. All the color pattern in these photos, from the trees, the grass, earth, leaves, clay, and wood makes the perfect match with my outfit. To run away from the dark colors that I wear during winter, I choose whites, beige and earth and clay tones during summer.Continue reading “earth and clay”

wrap dress

      Spring and Summer mean joy and simplicity. The long and warm days make me think about dresses. The piece that, to me, represents this season. The comfortable, fresh and easy to wear kind of piece. The pretty and uncomplicated piece. The kind of piece that is in every store with a millionContinue reading “wrap dress”

goodies from Brazil

I did some shopping in Brazil, mostly gifts for my family and friends but also some pretty stuff for me. Most of the shopping that I did it was not in malls or common stores that we usually use to see in Europe. Most of the shopping that I did it was in markets, streetContinue reading “goodies from Brazil”

Trend | Polo Shirt

Polos are back (or maybe they never really gone) for the next spring/ summer season. Polo shirt is not anymore only a sport’s piece. It’s a versatile piece that goes well with different outfits and occasions. You can wear it for the office with a blazer and a pencil skirt, or during summer vacation orContinue reading “Trend | Polo Shirt”

polka dotting

This playsuit is from Zara summer sale. It’s really beautiful and feminine because of their polka dot pattern and frill sleeves. It’s a great choice for summer nights or windy days with sneakers. Hope you like it. // Encontrei este macação durante os saldos da Zara. É mesmo muito bonito e feminino devido à sua cintura marcada, ao seuContinue reading “polka dotting”