Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in Frankfurt with my friends. The Christmas Market is really amazing and magical. And then the snow! I had been wishing hard to snow during these days and it did! Despite the cold, I love when it’s snowing because it’s beautiful. Christmas time is so far the bestContinue reading “Frankfurt”

happy bday Pam!

One year ago I made a decision: I did this blog. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made in my life. The hardest part was to make my mind clear with the idea that I had to publish photos of myself to share my outfits. After the start, the rest it’s prettyContinue reading “happy bday Pam!”

All White

In this time of the year, I really like to wear practical, simple and comfortable outfits. Mainly because the high temperatures already arrived. A simple t-shirt, tailoring pants wide on the leg and comfortable sandals. All white, head to toe, my favorite color for Summer. What do you think about this outfit? // Nesta alturaContinue reading “All White”

analog I

My crush about old and vintage stuff made me want to try the analogic photography. So, in the last year, I bought an automatic analogic camera, Canon AF7 Prima.  These are some photos that I took in different places during the last months. I really love the final result. This makes me feel that IContinue reading “analog I”