Outfit Idea #14

I feel in the typical impasse of transition. Summer is not over yet. Hot weather is not over yet. But my vacation is over and also my mood to buy summer clothes or even appreciate all the fall/winter collections in stores. So, there’s only one thing that hangs in my mind right now: the knitContinue reading “Outfit Idea #14”

What I Wore | Wedding Outfit

  Last Saturday was the wedding of my dear friends. It was a beautiful ceremony where I really had a great time. To celebrate this day I chose to wear something made by my grandma. Everything she does to me is more than a piece of cloth, it’s a beautiful memory that I want toContinue reading “What I Wore | Wedding Outfit”

another leopard follower

I don’t need to say that leopard pattern is a strong trend this season, right? For me, a strong trend is tricky. The whole world can be wearing it but if I don’t identify myself just a little I don’t wear it. A strong trend is always a source of a great amount of inspiration.Continue reading “another leopard follower”

belgian streets

Durante os dias que estive na Bélgica, este outfit foi sem dúvida um dos mais confortáveis. Este little black dress já tens alguns aninhos mas continua a ser um dos meus preferidos, especialmente pela sua gola halter (que infelizmente não dá para ver porque não tirei a camisa). A camisa tambem é antiga mas temContinue reading “belgian streets”

Outfit Idea #12

  This post is an outfit suggestion for the warm months that will come but also my wishlist for the month of June (my month!). When I think about buying new clothes I cannot avoid these tones: sand, raw, camel, whites e then the fabrics: linen and viscose. More than all of this, what IContinue reading “Outfit Idea #12”