this blazer has a story

  This blazer has a story. About 8 years ago I found blogosphere and I started being an assiduous reader of fashion blogs. And I was excited about vintage (in fact, I’m still excited!). I was excited about my mom’s clothes when she was my age and with the clothes that my grandma did toContinue reading “this blazer has a story”


If my memory doesn’t fail, I guess this is so far the coolest outfit that I have ever shown around here. Maybe a too cool for school kind of outfit. These mom fit regular jeans are my favorites right now. They have the perfect cut and are really comfortable. I guess I need more ofContinue reading “pepsi-cool”

Outfit Idea #9

  Today I show you a relaxed and cozy outfit idea with Chanel inspired shoes. I have a crush on these shoes but I don’t think of them with skirts or dresses. I hope you like it. // Hoje trago-vos uma sugestão de um look super descontraído e confortável com uns sapatinhos Chanel inspired. Eu queContinue reading “Outfit Idea #9”


  I am wearing a kind of ‘calling autumn’ outfit in these pics. I really like this long sleeve t-shirt because of their backless detail. Along with it, this shirt is perfect for the last summer nights when you start feeling a more cold night breeze. I combined it with flare jeans and these black comfy sandals, butContinue reading “backless”

Outfit Idea #4 | kitten heels

  I’ve been liking kitten heels all over the time, for many reasons. These shoes are feminine and elegant. They are comfortable because the heel has the perfect height. They are versatile. They go well with dresses and skirts for a more feminine kind of look. They go well with trousers for a more classic look, orContinue reading “Outfit Idea #4 | kitten heels”