weekend uniform

vintage denim jacket | sneakers: Vans

It feels so good starting the weekend with a pause on those office’ outfits like blazers, boots and stuff like that, and wear the most confortable clothes that hanging out in our closets during all week: sweatshirts, hoodies, sneakers and jackets. And it feels even better doing a huge hair cut like I did.


Sabe tão bem chegar ao fim-de-semana e fazer uma pausa dos blazers, botas e afins, para vestir a roupa mais confortável que anda lá por casa e que não se pode levar para o escritório: sweatshirts, hoodies, sapatilhas e blusões. E sabe ainda melhor cortar um pedação ao cabelo como eu fiz.


Bubble gum





shirt and sweater: Zara | skirt: Pull and Bear

I tried the new trend pink / pink + red. I was really excited when I found this bubble gum pink shirt in Zara on sale (thinking about Summer already!). When I imagined these two colors together I always thought that they did a really bad combination. But when I saw them in shop windows it was different, I really like what I saw. In my opinion, not all trends are wearable. For some of them, we should give it a try. Hope you like this combination.


Photography Margarida Martins

I Saw Her Standing There

4c99e8fa02a66505bf06a8a1aebe37f4The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There




denim jacket: vintage | velvet tshirt: gramma | jeans: Pull&Bear | shoes: Mango

These cropped wide-leg denim pants on sale were a great find. These pants can be used during the warm summer days or during the winter to get through all the floods (right? xD). Or simply just to show our ankles or our funny socks. The dandy loafers give to this cool outfit a classic cut. I tried this (almost) monochrome denim look and I liked the result, I hope you too.


Photography Margarida Martins

Just your fool

4c99e8fa02a66505bf06a8a1aebe37f4The Rolling Stones – Just your fool




Denim jacket: vintage | Jumpsuit: Zara

A simple and sober outfit for the last outfit post of the year. 2016, the year I created Polythene Pam (my little project) which makes me so proud. I wish to keep on with the same excitement and happiness of sharing these posts with you all. Hope you like it! I wish a happy new year full of wishes to everyone.


Photography Margarida Martins

Future Starts Slow

4c99e8fa02a66505bf06a8a1aebe37f4The Kills – Future Starts Slow



Coat: Yerse | Jeans: Levi’s

The basic camel coat with jeans and sneakers (with fishnet socks – the fever!!). The simple and cool combo for winter days. This black wall (in LxFactory, Lisbon) does a great combination with the outfit’ colors. This place has a lot to discover. Hope you like it! A peaceful christmas to everyone!


Photography Margarida Martins