BCN on 35mm


Bunkers del Carmel, what a view!


tapas and beer


the hipstel, a hipster hostel (get it?)


me and a mojito ❤



Bunkerks del Carmel and my back


more tapas and beer


happy boy and his beer


damm beer


plaza real on a sunday


Casa Batlló in the background


It’s better late than never, right? So here it are some memories of Barcelona on 35mm film. The expectation and waiting behind the revelation process of analog photos are always exciting to me. Yes, it was a really (really!) old film, but totally worth it because I like them all!


É melhor tarde que nunca, certo? Por isso, aqui estão algumas fotografias de Barcelona tiradas com a minha máquina analógica. Toda a expectativa e o tempo de espera associado até à revelação é sempre empolgante para mim, nunca sei o que esperar. E sim, este rolo era mesmo muito velho, mas valeu totalmente a pena, gosto de todas!


analog I


My crush about old and vintage stuff made me want to try the analogic photography. So, in the last year, I bought an automatic analogic camera, Canon AF7 Prima.  These are some photos that I took in different places during the last months. I really love the final result. This makes me feel that I live in the 70’s. Another great feeling about analogic photography is the expectant waiting for the surprising final result. I was really excited to finish the 35mm roll film to see all the photos. I hope you like it as much as I did.