knot buttons



shirt: mom | skirt: Pull&Bear | coat and earrings: Mango | sandals: Zara Home

‘Narnia’ it’s the name that I (and a friend of mine) call to my grandmother’s wardrobe. She is a dressmaker, and since I remember, she makes clothes for her clients, for my mom, my sister and me since we were little. In her wardrobe, besides her clothes, are a lot of clothes that she did to my mom. Each time that I open it, I found a new piece, a piece that calls my attention, a piece that I already imagine myself wearing an outfit with it. Or maybe, every time I open the wardrobe, I simply saw that same piece in a different way. It is really exciting found a “new” world in this wardrobe, a “new” piece with a lot of years above it, a vintage piece that I add to my closet. I am wearing a white silk shirt from Narnia. I liked this shirt for the flowing and wide cut, the collar and the knot buttons. I already showed other pieces here and here. I have a huge esteem and love for this wardrobe. And yes, it has been feeding my crush for vintage clothes. Hope you like the outfit.


Photography Diana Costa Photography

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